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this is a sweet list me and my friends at the scifi board made. its sweet cuz like all of them apply to me

You know you're an X-Phile when...

-Your dream car is a Ford Taurus

-One of the highlights of your summer is two people commenting on the coolness you your "Deny Everything" t-shirt while you're at the mall

-Strawberry and cinamon shampoo remind you of fanfic. Hell, shampoo in general does.

-You're thinking of getting a job for the sole purpose of buying DVD's and other XF merchandise.

-You find it hard to go even a few hours without mentioning X-Files.

-Ebay is your favorite store.

~You wear a suit (and pumps if you are a girl) to school.

~When the teacher asks you to answer a question, you tell them: the truth is out there!

~When the answer to a math equation is x=42 you freak out.

~When you see any sign from the federal Emergency Management Agency, you rant and rave about the "secret government" until you scare the little kids around you. (which i have done by the way, ill tell the story later)

~You get your hair cut like Scully's and/or died like her too!

~Your favorite numbers are 42, 1013, and 1121

~People expect you to bring X Files with you to every social event.

~People twice or triple your age tell you they have never met anyone who knows more about X Files and David Duchovny.

~Almost everything reminds you of an X Files episode or moment.

You read Harry Potter fanfic and keep replacing the names "Harry" and "Hermione" with "Mulder" and "Scully," because the fanfic!HP characters are so much like Mulder and Scully.

-When beta'ing Harry Potter fanfiction, you make references to X-Files fanfiction.

-No matter what context it's used in, touchstone means Mulder and Scully. Period.

~When you have a photo David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson on your computer desktop.

~When you have the X Files movie memorized.

~When you are Scully or Mulder for halloween.

~When you are told constantly to shut up about X Files.

~When you check the internet twice a day for more information about the next movie.

~When you have read and re-read and even re-read fan fictions because they are "what should have happened with Mulder and Scully".

~When you go online every day to chat with other X Philes about the episode that was just on.

~When you can recite the names of all the episodes in order.

~When you get fake nails put on so that you can scrath at a key hole on a door like Scully did in the movie.

~When everything you do, can in a way be linked back to the X Files... Easily.

~When you want to go on vacation to LA jsut so you can possibly catch a glimpse of David Duchovny.

~When you want to go to England to see "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball" just because Gillian Anderson is the star.

~When you refuse to answer to anyone unless they call you by your favorite nickname "Mulder" or "Scully"

~When you name your pets Fox and Dana, or Mulder and Scully.

~When you freak ouy because you see a movie or another tv show with an actor in it who also guest starred on the X Files.

~When your friends just know to tune you out when you start to go off on one of your XF tangents.

~When you are already planning your Spring Break vaction: Go to LA and try to be an extra in the new XF movie (hopefully they will be filming it then!)

~When you get tired of trying to find good X Files fan fiction so you decide to write your own.

~When you find yourself wrting "You Know You're An X Phile When"

~When you find yourself reading "You Know You're An X Phile When" and you don't find it weird that you have done most of the things on the list.

~When you hear anything about the Hanta virus and flip out

~When you see a white tanker truck and it makes you think of the line: "They haul oil in tanker trucks, they haul gas in tanker trucks. They do not haul viruses in tanker trucks!" "They may be hauling viruses in these tanker trucks" "What are you not telling me?" "Teh virus may be extraterrestrail"

~When you get home from school and the first thing you do is pop in an episode of X Files.

~When someone asks you what you do, you answer them:
I am a key figure in an ongoing government charade. The plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrails. Its a global conspiracy actually. With key players and the highst levels of power and it reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet. So, of course no one believes me. I'm a... I'm an annoyance to my supiriors, a joke to my peers, they call me "Spooky". Spooky Mulder. Whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was jsut a kid, and now he chases after little green men with a badge and a gun. Shouting to the heavens or anyone who will listen that the fix is in and the sky is falling, and when it hits, it's gonna be the [censored] storm of all time....

Your semi-phile friends ask you which episode something is. You stop them before they're done talking, tell them the name, season, and plot, then go into an analysis of it.

-You regularly dream about X-Files

-You put your X-Files episodes on audio tape, bring the books, AND print out fanfic, so as not to go X-File-less during vacation.

-You write X-Files fanfiction (duh)

-One of the main things your English teacher remembers about you is you were, "into" X-Files.

-Screw sleeping. There's episodes to watch, fanfictions to read, and philes to talk to!

the "i want to believe" poster is tacted to the celing above yourbed so you can look at it before you go to sleep

you not only bought the mulder and scully barbies but actually play with them

you brought your x-files barbies to school to show all your friends, who if they didnt already, think your crazy

you spent an hour recording the x-files theme onto your voice mail

you spent even more time searching for an x-files ring tone

you go to the video store any time you pass it just to drool on the dvds

you own and use an x-files lunch box

you own and use an x-files wall clock

you spent 10 odd dollars on an x-files patch, which you now realize you have absolutally no use for

you practically have a heart attack when the x-files is referenced in any way on another show or movie

you recive the Gillian Anderson newsletter

you read the Gillian Anderson newsletter and click on all its links

when bored you find yourself playing back episodes in your head

you are reminded of scully anytime you see a women in a suit

you think of mulder when ever you see a bad tie

you spend hours downloading pictures from episodes

you find you cant turn away from an episode on tv, no matter how many times you have seen it, what else you are suppose to be doing or the fact that you have it on dvd

you have 20 fanfic websites saved to your favorites

your home page is the bboard

you feel giddy when ever you see Gillian or David

You watched vh1's the 90s

you taped vh1's the 90s

even though you have it on tape you cant stop watching vh1's the 90s when flipping through channels

you sometimes get so excited while watching an episode you think your heart will explode with happyness and love for mulder and scully

you fight over bidding on x-files items with other x-philes in the x-files lounge

-your whole woredrobe consists of x-files t-shirts
- when ever you see 11:21 on a clock you flip out
- all of your screen names(msn yahoo aol) are x-files realated
-every time you hear "jeremiah was a bullfrog" you think of scully
-you want to go to memphis TN because of Post-Modern Prometheus

~You know you're an X-Phile when you will camp out in front of the movie theater when XF2 comes out (or did when FTF came out) and will see every showing.

>You call your friend Spender for no inparticular reason.
>You blame the SciFi channel for the fact you have no life
>The xfiles theme is your natinol anthem
>You've lost the FTF dvd and claimed the government took it.
>You joined a SciFi/x-files forum where everyone knows you and you have an xfiles avatar
>After seeing 'William' you stared at a vase for 5 hours and tried to make it levitate.
>Your dog is trying to get you to notice her by dancing to show tunes but you are to busy typing up reasons why you are an X philie.
>your dog is dancing to show tunes.
>Your teachers call you Conspiricy man to the point where you snap at them and they give you a 'Kersh look'
>You just said your teacher gave you a kersh look
>You just spent 17 minuets typing this up
>You're Bi, you flaunt it, and are torn beetween Mulder and Scully.

>You say par-tay like mulder in detour

you believe you once had a sister named Samantha who was abducted by aliens
that bump on the back of your neck wasnt there yesterday...
the metal detector goes off when you pass through and you run to the hospital for x-rays
you want to believe!
you answer your phone with, 'scully'

you tell people you subscribe to conspiracy monthly
your keep wishing there actually was a mag called conspiracy monthly
you keep an X taped to your window (during finals)
you check the bboard before your emails
who needs a car? *you're* saving for another season box set
you have a very distorted perseption of reality
you want deep-regresion hypnosis, to finally know the truth!
You wanna be a phycologist working for the FBIs violent crimes unit....
You've found and X-files drinking game on the internet...if only you can find the friends to play with you...
You've got Mulders answering machine message
You're family wants to take you to thereapy
And limit your time watching reruns
YOu consider getting TiVo so you can watch all of the episodes shown at the insane hours fo the night, but change your mind when you realize that someone, somewhere, is monitoring everything that box picks up. A total invation of your privacy...*what are they looking for, anyway?*

-You say something slightly related to aliens and your friends tell you to shut up about X-Files.

-You've made excuses to go to parties and the such so that you can stay home, watch X-Files, and read and write fanfiction.

-Your friends spend the night and you force yourself to stay up until after they're asleep so that you can watch X-Files and read and write fanfiction.

-You know that people writing these lists refer to themselvees in second person as a way to seperate themselves from the things they say. This leads you to an in-depth analysis of 'Irresistible,' after which you watch the episode and top it off with some post-ep fanfic.

-White vans scare you

when whenever the word conspiracy, or any word related is heard, all your friends automatically look at you.

-You find the cerulean blue crayon and freak out, and no one understands why.

-You're playing improv games, and you keep doing XF scenarios and become frustrated when no one understands.

-You family and friends think about you when they see, think, or hear about XF.
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