Far Away From Here (bookofsorrow) wrote in shipperalliance,
Far Away From Here

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*moos at the community one and all*

i didn't know this plaaaaaace still existed! OoOooo

so. HI!

yay for xfilessssssss

how's everyone?

i'm good. i don't know some of you peoples on here. but i'm stephy from the old xf chat on AOL *mwah* my SN was TheSporkinator...

well okay, one of my MANY many many SN's was that *nod*

i do not have AOL anymore, but i'm on AIM as: Purrrrrrzer, SiriusPuppyLove, Prior Incantatus, BrokenDownAmazed and ExistingToGetBy

what can i say? i am a SN h0r! w00t.

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